BossDim Alu II

BossDim Alu II

What is approved with the new BossDim Alu II:

- About 10 times better build in IR Receiver
- Installation improvement - impossible to "burn the dimmer off"

With the new BossDim Alu II from BOSSCOM you can control the light with your Bang & Olufsen remote control. You can place the BossDim:

- on the floor
- on the table
- mounted on the ceiling
- mounted on the wall

Why BossDim Alu II ?

Can control up to 200 lamps
- Can make individual light for each lamp
- Can remember your light dimming for each lamp
- Made in massive aluminum (cover)
- Easy to install
- Universal, support almost all bulbs
- No noise when dimmed

BossDim Alu II can be installed direct on the power cord wire for the lamp or replace the power switch on the wall. The BossDim Alu II minimalistic design makes it easy to integrate in a modern home.

By installing more BossDim Alu II dimmers it’s possible to remote lamps individual. It’s also possible to make different light scenarios that for e.g. reading, cleaning or a optimal AV experience.

BossDim Alu II can be used together with following sources of light:

- 230V incandescent lamp
- 230V halogen lamp
- Low voltage lamp provided with a electronic transformer
- Low voltage lamp provided with a electronic iron kernel transformer
- Low energy light source
- BossDim Alu II can be connected direct to 40-300W lamps

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Does not work with LED and fluorescent lamps

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BossDim Alu II
BossDim Alu II
BossDim Alu II
BossDim Alu II
BossDim Alu II
BossDim Alu II

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