8400 Amplifier

8400 Amplifier

The Stealth Acoustics 8400 is an integrated eight-channel amplifier / speaker optimization system designed as a low distortion power source for Stealth Acoustics wall or ceiling mounted, invisible speaker panels or other unpowered speakers. Intended for whole house audio or home theater amplification applications, the 8400 may stack with other components or mount in a standard 19” (482 mm) equipment rack requiring only two RU spaces- 3-1/2” (89 mm). Removable rack mount ears are provided.

The 8400 delivers 80 watts per channel into an 8Ω load and adjacent channels are bridgeable to create a 160W output. A DSP-based equalizer section offers pre-defined EQ settings for optimizing all Stealth speakers. With a full complement of input connectors, the 8400 is easily integrated into any audio system. Inputs include assignable RCA line level inputs per channel and a zone “buss” input, allowing for connection to individual channels, bridged channels or a single stereo buss source. The 8400 amplifier output connection is via detachable phoenix-style connectors designed to accept heavy gauge speaker wires. A selectable automatic turn-on feature activates the amplifier only when audio signals are present.

Other features include an internal, quiet, multi-stage cooling fan that automatically engages as required. Front panel controls include a unique data-wheel parameter selection device for user setup, volume control, tone control, bridging, muting, optimization and input assignments. LED indicators are provided on each channel for signal presence and clip as well as to indicate channel status. IR control and a handheld IR remote control are standard features. 110VAC and 220VAC input line voltages are selectable, via a rear panel switch.

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8400 Amplifier

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8400 Amplifier

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